The Sensor Network Academic Resource Kit provides tools and supporting materials that enable researchers to explore and build sensor and networked embedded systems technologies and applications, and is the result of the research by the MSR Networked Embedded Computing Group over the past three years. It comprises the MSRSense toolkit for sensor data collection, processing, and visualization, and data publishing tools for SensorMap, a wide-area sensor web that bridges between embedded devices and the Internet.


Since the tool first became available on in December 2005, it has been downloaded more than 10,000 times by researchers worldwide. A Community Preview CD was distributed at the 2006 MSR Faculty Summit.


The research and teaching resources included in the Sensor Network Kit are:

·         Software for MSRSense Micro-Server, including

        Source code & binaries for Micro-Server Execution Engine

        Source code & binaries for Micro-Server Interaction Console

        Source code & binaries for Micro-Server Service Library

·         Software for Excel Extension for streaming data, including

        Source code & binaries for Senscel

        Source code & binaries for archiving data to SQL Server

        Support for using Visual Studio Tools for Office

·         Software for connecting to TinyOS motes, including

        Source code & binaries for MoteForwarder

        Source code & binaries for Packet Recording and Replay

·         Software for publishing to SensorMap, including

        Source code & binaries for SenseWebPublisher

        Source code & binaries for publishing mote data on SensorMap

        Source code & binaries for publishing web camera data on SensorMap

        Support for registering sensors with SensorMap

        Support for using SenseWeb DataHub API

·         Supporting software, including

        Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 Trial Edition

·         Supporting materials, including

        Tutorials on SensorMap and data publishing toolkit

        Related research papers and presentations by the NEComp researchers

        Videos from the MSR Sensor Network Workshop and pointers to the UW/MSR Summer Institute on World Wide Sensor Web; both workshops were attended by leading researchers from the sensor network community.